I create bots on places.

I create bots on places.

Since the beginning of 2019, I’ve been writing several bots on multiple platforms, especially Discord, Facebook, and Twitter. Although, only some of them were really standing out and went public. I’d to complete this page but i don’t really have time.

Have fun with my currently available bots:

BottleBot1904 on Facebook and Twitter

Bottlebot Facebook page Posts a random bottle every hour

BottleBot1904 is my first bot (though not very first. it’s just the first one being published globally). What it does is basically gather all images of bottles in the database, slicing every bottle into pieces, and make a Frankenstein’s bottle using those pieces randomly, and named randomly. It posts every hour.

Bot on Facebook and Twitter

Bot Facebook page C O N T E N T

The main inspiration of Bot is the Facebook page THEY and its group (THEY (how do i tag myself?)) for their vaguely meta contents. The motivation that pushes this bot to its existence is the running joke of some of the facebook ‘bots’ is actually not bots in Bot Appreciation Society Facebook group. Since the ban of two Facebook pages that were pretending to be bots, people just raise suspicion whether any bots are actually bots or otherwise ironically. So, this more like a sarcastic bot that is pretending so hard being a bot by simply being an actual bot. If you tried to indulge the contents unironically, what you find is just a bot that posts incomplete sentences following a series of patterns.

Seriously, if you thought Bot is not a bot, you’re right.

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