It has been years since the first time I blog. During those times, I am still using the classic old Blogger engine, hosted at Blogger itself. I never made such blog to reach some kind of traffic, I just wanted to express stuffs that I wanted to share in which still my current idealism in blogging. It was fun, I tried many themes and eventually modded the theme I'm using that time to suit my own needs.

I didn't have my own domain that time, because I cannot afford such a big price as an elementary student, therefore I was still using the And right now, here I have my own domain that I purchased myself, and the whole new CMS that I currently use, Ghost. The perks from that I now own personal domain and control of the blogging engine are the power to edit literally everything to suit my needs. Using Ghost means you can add some code customizations to the engine level.

In this new blog, I will post most of my thoughts on many topics, though most of them will be:

  • Tech stuffs, from coding, deploying bots, computer components, etc. Let's say Linus Tech Tips, but it's my blog.
  • Memes. But it's not like I just literally post memes and do shitposts here and there, I'd like to discuss about it thoroughly like what we did on Studia Memetika, or probably doing what Know Your Meme does.
  • My activities with my friends, both irl and internet.
  • My enthusiasm in Graphic Design, Multimedia, and Animation engineering.
  • Some of the entertainment that I consume, like games, anime, that stuffs.

And that's about it, I hope I consistently write here lmao. Thanks for coming.