I create bots on places.

Since the beginning of 2019, I've been writing several bots on multiple platforms, especially Discord, Facebook, and Twitter. Although, only some of them were really standing out and went public. I'd to complete this page but i don't really have time.

Have fun with my currently available bots:

BottleBot1904 on Facebook and Twitter

Bottlebot Facebook page
Posts a random bottle every hour

BottleBot1904 is my first bot (though not very first. it's just the first one being published globally). What it does is basically gather all images of bottles in the database, slicing every bottle into pieces, and make a Frankenstein's bottle using those pieces randomly, and named randomly. It posts every hour.

Bot on Facebook and Twitter

Bot Facebook page

The main inspiration of Bot is the Facebook page THEY and its group (THEY (how do i tag myself?)) for their vaguely meta contents. The motivation that pushes this bot to its existence is the running joke of some of the facebook 'bots' is actually not bots in Bot Appreciation Society Facebook group. Since the ban of two Facebook pages that were pretending to be bots, people just raise suspicion whether any bots are actually bots or otherwise ironically. So, this more like a sarcastic bot that is pretending so hard being a bot by simply being an actual bot. If you tried to indulge the contents unironically, what you find is just a bot that posts incomplete sentences following a series of patterns.

Seriously, if you thought Bot is not a bot, you're right.

KRSBot5000 on some private Discord servers.

Discord bot in action
The bot is simulating as if it came from Jakarta State University and issue a semester study plan card.

KRSBot5000 started as a joke in the BEMSHI (BEM Shitposting Indonesia) community. We were talking about how diverse our academic backgrounds as a college student. I decided to create a hypothetical unified university that combines all of our university, major, and course/class names, complete with fine-tuning on how many credits a student get on a semester, and also randomization settings which we can turn on and off and also give weights on individual parts of the study plan card.

I have a plan to port this bot to Facebook, though we're going to need more data. I will start by releasing a website that allows user to input their university, major, and course names if they wanted to add them to the pool which will be randomly picked by the bot on each of their posts.

Linescord on some private pairs of Discord servers and LINE groups.

A Discord server and LINE Group bridged together using Linescord
These was back in the beginning, where I have no money to increase the quota that was given for free in free tier. Now I still have no money lmao.

Linescord is a social media bridge service that connects a pair of a Discord server and a LINE group, so any members can chat in either social media, and their message will also be relayed to the other social media using bot features that is available on both developer platforms.

This bot is targeted for groups or circles that often have different backgrounds which lead to different preferences on social media, or at least that's my case on my own circle, where half of the group has more tendency to use LINE, and the others has one to Discord. This differences often led to confusion because we may discuss different stuffs in each platform, and it made us feel like we're talking to someone else even though we are speaking to the same people, or we may have difficulties when referencing something that is not discussed in the current platform.

LINE and Discord is a chosen pair of social media that I decided to develop on because it is integral to solve my circle's case, but I would like to make it usable for other groups than us. If you want to help me, you can donate to me to fund projects like these in the bottom of this page.

There are other bot projects, but not all of them are publicized, finished, or even started.

Here are some highlight of bot ideas that at least I ever thought or put an effort to those:

  • ArisanBot RW 4 - In Indonesia, there are community events called arisan. Basically, every month we put money to a pool. Those money will be given to one of the participants by random. It is not really a gambling, because the people who 'won' is banned to 'win' again until everyone in the pool has also 'win' at least once. This often acknowledge on local communities as "a creative way to save money", though most of us often just impulsively spend money once we won, without regarding the fact that we will only win once and it will be months or years we could win that again. And this bot wants to try that, just the participant is literally the whole internet.
  • PembinaAsramaBot - Asrama means dormitory, and Pembina (roughly) means supervisor. This is a Discord moderation bot designed specifically for a server that I organized with one of my group that came from my high school, which is basically a dormitory-based boarding school. This bot dies as the server dies.
  • GwsThomBot - My friend has an unhealthy simping obsession to a certain virtual youtuber. Don't take it unironically. The whole friend list of him including me are worried that he is ultimately sick. We often reply his unhealthy simping posts with "GWS", which is an acronym of "Get Well Soon". Unexpectedly, his posting rate increased faster than how fast we could say GWS to his post. Therefore, we decided to create a bot that detects if he is posting oversimping posts, and immediately comments variety of GWS-like phrases like "Ayo Ke Dokter!" (roughly: let's visit a doctor!) or a link to Amazon copy of self-help book. The bot didn't go anywhare due to Facebook's data collection and privacy policy which makes data scraping impossible with his, thanks to their past mistakes. Although this shows how much Facebook has fixed their mistakes, so far.
  • KarmaJudgementBot - This is a set of three bots: KarmaJudgementBot, KarmaHolyBot, and KarmaEvilBot. KarmaJudgementBot will decide if the bot has sinned or holy enough to be decided its afterlife destination which is generated randomly from user input. Daily, the bot will generate five sets of activity that it may do during the day, generated randomly from user input too, and users can vote on the rest of the bots: Holy ones on KarmaHolyBot, and the sinful ones KarmaEvilBot. This bot set is currently being developed.


Awuu so I open for donations, if you're interested to see these bots developed without financial issues, or it's you just being generous. Either way, I'd like to thank everyone who felt entertained or helped by my bots, I hope I can make more of the things you like in the future.

International donations - Ko-Fi

Indonesian donations - Trakteer

Previously posted at GitHub Pages - me.maufirf.com/Bottlemin-Bots